How it works?

Through TENS electrical impulse massages and heat emission, the Floswelle Soother makes period relief practical and simple. It tackles bloating, cramps, and general period discomfort. The Floswelle Soother makes your cycle more manageable

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soothing, discreet, science-backed, drug-free, safe cramps solution

TENS Technology Explained

TENS technology is used by many healthcare providers worldwide. Backed by science, the secret behind the success of TENS is that it softly stimulates electrodes to your abdomen during menstruation through specialized pads. When switched on, the machine emits electrical pulses to your skin and nerves which produces the benefits you see here:

Lower Pain Levels

Via subtle electrical pulses your pain signals are interupted, partially dampening their effect on your brain.

Healthy Hormone Release

The stimulation causes the release of endorphins, your body’s natural pain-releiving chemical.

Muscle Relaxation

The gentle heat and massage facilitate relaxation of the muscles, helping to alleviate cramps

What makes the Floswelle Soother different?

key features:

• Five different massage functions
• 99 massage intensity levels
• 3 distinct heat variations
• Proper application of TENS technology
• Custom comfort settings
• Wide surface area for maximum coverage

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